Welcome to the Scarrowbeck benefice in North Norfolk


    This beautiful corner of North Norfolk is a good place to live. Five small communities are linked together by a stream, the Scarrowbeck, which gives the parish churches of the area a name that identifies and unites them in a renewed sense of vision. This website attempts to show who we are, what's going on, and where to find us.



    Our rector is Reverend Eric Robinson

    If you would like a home visit for whatever reason or arrange a baptism, wedding or funeral then  please contact him on 01263 768361 or by e mail revecrobinson@aol.com

    His address is The Rectory, School Road, Erpingham NR11 7QY


    Scarrowbeck Benefice Churchwardens



    Mecki Green                      


    01263 761480



    Keith Harrison

    01263 761698



    Linda Howard

    01263 833323



    James Buchan

    01263 768916



    Lesley Hennessey

    01263 761873



    Calthorpe and Ingworth churches are now part of the Diocesan Churches Trust and have no churchwardens

    There are five parishes in the Scarrowbeck benefice: Alby,  Calthorpe, Erpingham, Ingworth and Thwaite. Both Ingworth and  Calthorpe are now in the care of the Diocesan Trust who look after the fabric and insurance. They have at least 6 services a year, are open during the day, and are available for baptisms, weddings and funerals.



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